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Beautiful Beginnings

The classroom is still a work in progress and the kids will arrive on the 11th of March. To say I am excited is an understatement. Once again I am fortunate to have state of the art equipment and curriculum to be able to give these kids the best chance at learning all they can.

Yesterday I watched a documentary on Netflix called Loving Lampposts. Although I don’t agree with some of the things presented, there are definitely some things in there worth watching. One quote really struck me. “You haven’t got a big enough imagination of what your child could become.” ~Johnny.  This is what keeps me going. I know I can make a difference. I feel it in my bones. I just want to be able to help these kids unlock their dreams.

To give you a glimpse into the classroom, I took a few pictures.

This is looking toward the front of the classroom. We have a Smart Board and a regular white board.

Also notice the cool rocking chairs! Love those!!


This is a view of the front from farther back, showing my awesome set of

windows and the student desks as well as the work/lunch table.


This is a view of the kitchen and storage area.

We have a stove and a refrigerator. This way we can learn to cook and clean.


The entrance to the room as well as our kitchen sink.


This is the creation station. Manipulatives, markers, construction paper, etc.


The Calming Room. A place to take a break.

Not pictured is the wonderful swing that we will have for another calming break option.


I look forward to the many decorations that my kids will help me put on the walls. The room needs their touch to make it complete.

In just over a week, my classroom will be filled with the sounds of learning, ABA style! I can’t wait!

Thanks for popping in!



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The Disney Wall


Each week we pick a theme to center our activities around. This week, we chose Disney. Each day, we do some sort of coloring activity to go along with our theme. We did Mickey, Goofy, and Tarzan. This is the artwork that the boys, our student aides, and staff did.

The best part of this, to me, is the DISNEY at the top. The letters were done FREEHAND by “E”. He loves to draw letters and numbers. He has never really done any letters on demand. Today however, I thought I would try and get him to do the heading for our art wall. So, armed with skittles, a marker, and blank pieces of paper, I sat down with him at the table and asked him to draw me the letter D. He thought about it for a minute and then he began to draw. Once the D was on the paper I gave him a skittle. Then he gave me a big smile. I slid the D to the side and a new sheet of paper in front of him. I asked for an I…. his wheels were spinning and in the blink of an eye, the I appeared. More skittles. More smiles. We proceeded this ritual until the entire word was written. Once complete, I gave him tons of high fives and lots of praise. I could see how proud he was of his letters.

I carefully cut around them and hung them up. I had him come look at his work. I think he was pretty happy that we displayed his letters.

I foresee more headings for our projects in our future… and that makes ME smile!

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Parachute Smiles

Each day we pick a theme and try to do some activities in the afternoon that encompass that theme. Yesterday was Parachute day. Apparently a long time ago (in March) someone got the idea to jump out of a perfectly good airplane with just some cloth strapped to their back (why they would do that ON PURPOSE is beyond me).

I digress… ANYWAY…

For our theme yesterday, I chose parachutes based on the March holiday. First, we watched a YouTube video about skydiving. As the video played, we explained how the parachute is packed on someones back, an airplane takes them way up in the sky, and how they will jump out and pull open the parachute. Second, I had drawn, on our smartboard, a picture of a bear with a parachute opening and we discussed where the bear was (on the ground or in the sky). Third, we colored printed pages of parachutes (one with a cartoon boy, one with a cartoon penguin, and the last was of a man with a parachute). And lastly, we went outside to our play area with a giant parachute!

I have never seen all the boys smiling and laughing as much as they did yesterday during this activity. We were laughing and running and making the parachute do all kinds of fun things.

It is neat to see them full of joy when they are at school. As we all know, school can be tough even on the smartest and most typical children. When school is fun, it causes learning. Remember when you are working with your child with Autism to have fun! Those activities will remain the best forever!



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Corey Foulem – Moves Like Jagger – YouTube

I am always inspired by kids with Autism breaking out of their shell and doing things in front of “average” kids. This teaches those kids that although kids with Autism are different, they can be completely amazing.

Corey and one of the teachers from his school put on this amazing show. It is long, but well worth the watch!!

Carly Fleischmann posted this on her FaceBook page today. Thanks girl!!


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Christmas Break Boredom?


Are you afraid your child with Autism will get bored over the Christmas Break? Even the average kids get bored, but dealing with a child with Autism can be a bit more challenging.

I follow the Autism group over on Facebook and a topic of discussion was ideas to help keep the kids busy and entertained during the Holiday break.

Here are a few ideas:

  • Make homemade Playdough – I loved doing this when I was a kid!! I thought of an individual in my class first thing when seeing this idea… he likes to eat Playdough… so… to avoid the scare that comes with that territory, I found a website that has 10 recipe’s for Edible Playdough! Check them out here – Family Corner
  • Shaving Cream Paint – Who would have thought? Here is a site for instructions – Painting with Shaving Cream
  • Bathtub full of waterbeads and glowsticks! Doesn’t that sound like fun? Heck I would do that!
  • Christmas Card Collage – Take all the Christmas cards that you were going to throw away and cut them up and make a Christmas Collage. Helps with the motorskills as well as makes a neat new decoration for the Holiday!
  • Make sugar cookies and let them help decorate!

There are many more ideas out there if you Google it. Just remember to actually spend time helping your child with these activities. I know that you may feel you need/deserve a break (and you do!!), but remember they need you too during this time!

Create some memories!


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