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Christmas Break Boredom?


Are you afraid your child with Autism will get bored over the Christmas Break? Even the average kids get bored, but dealing with a child with Autism can be a bit more challenging.

I follow the Autism group over on Facebook and a topic of discussion was ideas to help keep the kids busy and entertained during the Holiday break.

Here are a few ideas:

  • Make homemade Playdough – I loved doing this when I was a kid!! I thought of an individual in my class first thing when seeing this idea… he likes to eat Playdough… so… to avoid the scare that comes with that territory, I found a website that has 10 recipe’s for Edible Playdough! Check them out here – Family Corner
  • Shaving Cream Paint – Who would have thought? Here is a site for instructions – Painting with Shaving Cream
  • Bathtub full of waterbeads and glowsticks! Doesn’t that sound like fun? Heck I would do that!
  • Christmas Card Collage – Take all the Christmas cards that you were going to throw away and cut them up and make a Christmas Collage. Helps with the motorskills as well as makes a neat new decoration for the Holiday!
  • Make sugar cookies and let them help decorate!

There are many more ideas out there if you Google it. Just remember to actually spend time helping your child with these activities. I know that you may feel you need/deserve a break (and you do!!), but remember they need you too during this time!

Create some memories!



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