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Read People Read!!

I just went to bed and took my little white shiny friend who helps me go to sleep.. her name is Ambien. I have always been a night owl and the schedule I work does not allow for me to stay up all night long (which I prefer) and go to work early in the morning. So, as Ambien and I are lying in bed looking at the Kindle, ideas started popping up in my mind left and right. Normally when this happens, I tell myself that I will remember the next day …. yeah right! I am now all a buzz with toothpicks holding my eyes open… forgive the typo’s please!

The title of this little blog serves 2 purposes…

  1. To get your ass on here to read this blog. I want more followers. I want more input. I need you guys. The people that are in this world day to day and know these kids…. I NEED YOU! I would really appreciate it if you pass this blog on to other parents/grandparents/caregivers/people who want to work with people like these kids!! ALL YA’LL (This is southern and plural for ya’all). Just take a few moments and put this on your Facebook page, twitter feed… or send it via email. I don’t care how ya do it… just do it!! Please?
  2. To get you to check out what I have been reading. I have been pretty good about keeping up my book list that is RIGHT HERE .  I love reading about parents and their struggles AND successes with their child with autism. I also get a lot of great ideas for me to insert in any practice that I am involved in. This helps me to understand more real world people since right now I am still in Grad School and need to read copious amounts of other stuff and don’t really get to see some of it applied. BUT, it will also help you too. It will give you hope and hope is so critical when you have a child on the spectrum.


I wanted to give a shout out to a few Facebook Pages that I find helpful/humorous/heartwarming/or just plain ol’ truthful.

  • Just another piece of the puzzle – This is my own little nook of Facebook… just a place to put neat things I find and to let you all know when a new blog is up. You can follow me on
  • The Autism Life – By the Author of one of my FAVORITE books on a story of a child with autism. There will be a second book coming out soon!! This woman and her family are truly inspirational and a tad bit crazy… and I say that will all the love in my heart. Alicia fills us in on what Ewan is up to and it is really cool to see him grow up, think about his world, and show us all that autism can be hard, but that he can handle anything life throws at him. He is a super kid and you will fall in love with him like I did!!
  • Autism Shines – This site showed up after the Sandy Hook tragedy. It is a beautiful way for everyone to show their children that are on the spectrum in a shining light fashion. Please stop in for a gander… you won’t be disappointed!!

I could go on and one, but this will get you started. Please feel free to contact me if you have anything you want to add. Like I said before. I NEED you guys!

Thanks for popping in,



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Spring Break… well sort of..

Monday was the first official day of Spring Break for our kiddo’s.

Friday at school we had 3 out of four of the boys with fever, so it was an even earlier beginning to our very looked forward to break (they are all fine now, but it was pretty ugly on Friday). Nothing like 3 sick grouchy boys. LOL

Yesterday, I started my first day of my first Masters class! Woot woot *insert happy dance here*!!

Now because I am obsessive compulsive, I have already posted on the forum (3 times), found 3 articles for my first paper (due Monday), have started taking notes for another forum post, and have thought about my final research paper. This blog is a way for me to take a break.  And.. as a special surprise.. as I am typing this, my textbook just arrived! That just means more work, but right now… at the beginning of the first course, I am excited and not burnt out. So, I will give it my all and do the absolute best I can.

Interestingly enough, just from the first bit of studying that I have done, I realize that there are SO many different ideas and effective ABA treatments that are being utilized right now in the classroom I work in. These boys are definitely getting cutting edge, super powerful, and life-changing interventions. With, and without realizing it, I am learning so very much through my on the job training. I may not have had a name for the stuff we are using, but I am soaking it all in like a sponge. I have finally found what I want to be when I grow up. It is such an enormous weight off my shoulders and makes my whole body smile!

A lot of people that work with special needs kids say “If I make a difference in one kids life, then I will have done my job and be happy.” .. I won’t settle for just one kid. I NEED to make a difference in multiple lives. I desire to help every kid that I come in contact with. EVERY ONE.

Now it is time to get back to learning… studying… soaking it up.

Gentle hugs!



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Things are a brewin’….

I have recently applied for my Master of Arts in Applied Behavioral Analysis (ABA) with an emphasis on Autism. I have sent off to have my transcripts to be sent to Ball State University and paid the application fee. Now it is time to hurry up and wait. I am more of an instant gratification kind of person, so the wait is killing me!

Although this blog was originally set up to follow along with my kids at school, I can feel a major change coming along. I will, however, still report on things at school, but I want to focus a lot more on the things I am learning from working with these boys as well as the things I am learning from school.

This will serve two purposes:

  1. The readers of my blog will get a more rounded experience; and
  2. The knowledge that I am gaining will sink in even more when I write about it!

I will also continue to post cool things that I find about Autism so that we can all keep up with all the awesomeness that this diagnosis holds.

And… even some of the horrific things… this will only help us learn from others mistakes.

Now… with all that being said… I will be posting something I learned recently very shortly.


PS …. you can now follow me on FACEBOOK!!!  CLICK RIGHT HERE


Come on back!!



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1st Day Back…

… was an excellent day!!

Only one kid had issues with readjusting back to school and I was shocked that it was just one kid. Normally the day after a long holiday is rough on our kids. It just is… but today was a good day. Lots of smiles and hand claps and wonderful participation.

It just goes to show that when you love these kids as much as we do,  that they feel safe and secure in going to school. They need the routine and the structure. We have a great group of very smart boys!!

Promised I would fill you in on how the day went… and it was good!!



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I am so ready…

…to go back to school!!

I am pretty sure that all of you parents are ready for school to start back up too! AND… hopefully the kids are just as ready!

I wondered a lot this past couple of weeks what the boys were up to. Wonder if they had a good break. Hope that they had a great Christmas with their families. I am sure they did.

I had a pretty good break myself. There were definitely a few hiccups, but nothing that a positive attitude and God can’t fix. I needed the relaxation and to refill my “cup”.

BUT!!!… I am so ready to:

  • Hear – Good morning Ka eee
  • See – their smiling faces
  • High Five – their wonderful hands
  • Work – harder than we ever had

Tomorrow can not get here fast enough. Heck… even the teacher called me today excited to get back to work. We have a great team and I am so very blessed to work with such amazing people. And, I am so very blessed to work with such amazing boys!

I will let you know how it goes.



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Big Smiles

Yesterday was our last day at school before Christmas Break.

We had a blast!!

The school had a “Social” which is basically the gym full of fun carnival style games that the kids can play and the cafeteria is turned in to a giant dance floor with a DJ!! For a child with Autism, this can be either a sensory overload, or tons of fun! One of our kids doesn’t like the gym and another doesn’t like the cafeteria – something that can be easily worked around.

S0, for the first few minutes, another aide and I took the 3 that will go into the gym inside, while the 4th kid went to the cafeteria with the teacher. It was so cool to see them take in all the sights, sounds, and smells as we wandered around and played a few of the games – even if they didn’t win.

After a while, I took the other two to the cafeteria, while the one that doesn’t like the cafeteria hung out with an aide in the gym. This was THE best part!

Our kids were dancing!! Dancing like no one was watching! Dancing like no one cared! It was incredible!! Arms and legs flailing around, jumping, laughing, smiling!

I often wonder how they are feeling at those moments. I wonder what they are thinking. I wonder if they feel free and happy. They sure seem like they are. They may not hold a beat perfectly, they may not know the songs, but they were flying with happiness yesterday. It was awesome being a part of that moment.

I have 2 weeks off work before I get to hang with them again. I can’t wait for more life moments like this one!




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We love Friday’s!

Academics in the morning and a movie in the afternoon. The kids were great today.

It is nice when they are all on a good day cycle. We have bouts of days where it seems they are all off, all on, or somewhere in between.

Today I was thinking that average people have our on days and off days, we just express it differently. There are some days where I wish I could stomp and scream, but society has taught me that it is not okay.

We are there to help assist these kids with learning to deal with their emotions differently.. hell, to RECOGNIZE their emotions.

  • I’m MAD
  • I’m HAPPY
  • I’m SAD

Sometimes, even as average people, we have a hard time recognizing exactly what emotion we are feeling at any given moment.

Another week in the books. Only 7 more working days until Christmas break… I will be happy to be off work for the first couple of days… then I will miss them and want to go back.

Happy Friday!


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