Book List

I have always loved to read…although I have never really been too good at it (long story on learning disability). I have recently delved more into reading than ever before and can you guess what my favorite reading subject is lately?  Hmmm I wonder?

AUTISM and other ASD related books. So far I am preferring books that are written by parents of kids with Autism, but I am pondering a few that are written by the person with Autism or other ASD’s.

As I finish a book, I am going to post the title, author, a bit about it, and a link to Amazon where you can purchase these books.

  1. Dancing with Max – by Emily Colson – This mother writes of her trials and errors with her son Max who has Autism. It is very well written and easy to read! Just as a bit of a warning, there is a lot of God talk in this book and if you are not of faith, you may want to pass. I believe in God and found it to be a truly inspiring story Amazon Link
  2. Casey’s Wall – by Linda Rich – A good story, but I was expecting way more about Casey in the story. Still a good read. Amazon Link
  3. Autism by Hand – by Lorca Damon – I would consider this a MUST read for anyone dealing with a child on the spectrum. Lorca does an amazing job with giving us a small handbook on handling a child with Autism. It is funny and a very quick read. Amazon Link
  4. A Regular Guy: Growing up with Autism – by Laura Shumaker et. al. – A mother’s perspective of life with a child with Autism. It will make you laugh, cry, and empathize with this wonderful child. Amazon Link
  5. Brains, Trains & Video Games – by Alicia Hart – One of my favorite books about a child with Autism. The courage faced by this child’s family, and the love that they have for Ewan is amazing. You will fall in love with this kid… just like I did. There is a second book on the way too!! Amazon Link
  6. A Child’s Journey out of Autism: One Family’s Story of Living in Hope and Finding a Cure – by Leann Whiffen – Although many kids with Autism may never face the “cure”, this story definitely gives us hope. A great read and it will keep you turning the pages for sure. Amazon Link
  7. Saving Ben: A Father’s Story of Autism – by Dan E. Burns – This is a heartwarming story about a father that is trying to “recover” his son. A lot of the normal trials and tribulations follow. A pretty good read for sure. Amazon Link
  8. The Wisdom of Sam: Observations of Life from an Uncommon Child – By Daniel Gottlieb – This is not your typical autism story. This is bits of life observations from a grandfather’s perspective. He takes bits of what he has observed in his grandson and turns them in to some really good lessons. I recommend it. Amazon Link

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