Howdy folks!

My name is Kari Williams and I am a Teacher in a classroom for kids with Autism.

First and foremost it is very important that you understand that the information contained in this blog will be portrayed with extreme caution. All of the kids I work with deserve the up-most respect and confidentiality. With that said, I will never identify any of the kids by name and all experiences and activities will be generalized to respect my boys.

This blog is mainly for me. I am sure I will capture a few people’s attention along the way and I hope that I will provide you with some insight and information in to my experiences in working with kids diagnosed with Autism.

Please feel free to comment – but remember – all people have their own opinions and are to be respected even if you don’t agree. I will monitor all comments and reserve the right to remove any comments that are disrespectful of my words, my followers words, or of the kids I work with.

Hope you find this blog informative and enjoyable!



2 responses to “About

  1. I truly like your blogging, Kari. Your comments are genuine and the sentence structure allows for easy reading. Nicely done!

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