A Beautiful Hike!

This morning started out fantastic! We got to go play mini-golf!!! The boys were great!

Even my really nervous kid had what seemed to be a great time. He figured out that not only could he hit the golf ball with his club, but he could use his feet too! It was hysterical! My favorite was when he couldn’t get the ball in the hole with his club or with his feet, he reached down… picked it up… and dropped it in the cup. I laughed and gave him a high five and got a gorgeous smile!! It was like he absolutely knew what he was doing.

I think it was the fasted game of mini-golf in history and all the boys were pretty excited at the whole adventure.

What came next was my favorite part of the day. Please pardon the resolution on these pictures (as an amateur photographer I am quite embarrassed…lol), but they were taken with my cell phone as I didn’t want to lug my camera with us today.

We went for a long and absolutely stunning hike. The photo’s don’t do it justice AT ALL, but we were way up above the city. For the trained eye, you can see a teeny tiny Mt. Garfield on the top left of the screen and at the top middle/left is the Grand Mesa. You can also see the smoke in the background as it is burning season.

I was in a small slice of heaven and the weather was absolutely perfect. We even tied our jackets around our waists!

Tomorrow we get to go to the movie and I hope we have as much fun as we did today. I am sure that we will… nothing like a bucket of popcorn, 4 amazing boys, and a great movie on the big screen!!

One more pic to leave you with…

Have a fantastic night!!




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4 responses to “A Beautiful Hike!

  1. Sounds like another perfect day!
    I think the pictures are great as I am not sure any taken by me from my phone would have turned that good.
    Now as for mini golf! I thought you were supposed to pick the ball up after the first miss with the club and drop it in the cup! You mean I HAVE BEEN doing it WRONG this whole time! I am now totally embarrassed~
    See you can teach an old dog after all~
    Great blog can’t wait for the next adventure!

    • Jeannie, you always make me smile!! I just love the way these kids can quickly pick up on the easiest way to do something! They always have me cracking up and amazed at how truly brilliant they really are!!

      Thanks again for stopping in and reading!

  2. I think the pics are really awesome! Thanks for the share of your lovely day! I might just try taking Connor out to the mini-golf place here, if they are open this weekend! Again, you have inspired us to try new things and keep looking for fun! 🙂

    • I love that we go out in to the community. It is fun for all of us. The boys get a bit stressed, but I think they feel safe with us and know that they will be okay!

      Glad you are taking Connor out… he will love it!!

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