Playdoh… and The Lorax!

This week and next  is TCAP (Traditional Colorado Assessment Program) testing for our general education kids at my school. Our boys have done their testing already, so we get to have tons of fun for the next two weeks. Before I get in to all of that, I have a bit of autism coolness to share!

Last week, we were going to work with Playdoh with the boys and discovered that our Playdoh had somehow turned into some sort of snot concoction and really needed thrown out and replaced … we didn’t even want to guess how that happened. So, this weekend, I went out and purchased a 4 pack for our classroom. I came in this morning and set it on the table and thought nothing of it. The boys came in and my non-verbal guy started hovering over the Playdoh. I went and got him and told him it was time to work. After we finished with the section (Calendar), I was sitting next to him and another kid waiting for our next project, when all of a sudden, I hear… from his iPad… “Clay Please”… I was stunned and said “Oh… you want to play with clay?”…. He then touched “yes” on his iPad!!!! Needless to say, we jumped right up and broke open our new batch of Playdoh!!

A little background… we had previously programmed “clay” into his iPad for another activity… I am not sure I could find clay on that iPad… but he sure as heck knew where it was!!!! Remember, this is the kid that gets pinchy and grabby when he is upset, but lately, he has toned way down and I think it is because he realizes he has a voice now. He will still get grabby, but it is fewer and farther apart and not near as hard (most of the time). It is nice to see his gorgeous smile and hear him laugh!

Now… on to the fun stuff for the week.

Yesterday (Sunday), I went to one of our local theaters to see “Act of Valor”. While I was there, I stopped and talked to the General Manager. I introduced myself, told him what I did for a living, and asked very nicely to see if there was a showing of  Disney’s The Lorax that would be best to bring the boys to. He was super nice and agreed to open the theater at a special early time for us (4 boys and 4 adults)!! I think it will be so much fun to sit in the big theater with these kids, munch on some popcorn, and see a great movie! I have found that our community is getting really supportive of these kids. Knowledge is power and the word on autism is getting out. We are doing a good service to our boys and the community.

Other fun things on the list for this week and next are Miniature Golf, Pet Smart, Home Depot, Hiking, playing with remote control cars, visiting a doctors office… and a lot more fun things! I am so excited! Going to be a really fun couple of weeks.

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6 responses to “Playdoh… and The Lorax!

  1. Wow! I am super jealous! I am sure the man who runs our local theater would open for a few kids too…but we are only a crowd of 1. I’d SO love to be able to take my grandson in. I tried it once and spent over an hour and half on the sidewalk waiting for the others to get done with the movie. No way was he going to sit still. I’m also really happy for the little one who has mastered ‘his voice!’ That is fantastic. We’ve never been able to get Connor to play with playdough or anything like it. I managed to get him to touch it a few times, ONCE. Only because Sid the Science Kid did a segment on bouncing balls…and used some in it. He tossed it a few times but each time kind of did a little shimmy and wiped his hands like, ‘ewww that was disgusting!’ I LOVE your blog! Thanks for sharing. I will miss hearing about your class during the summer break! 😦

    • It was really cool of this guy. He didn’t even hesitate. We are pretty lucky around here.

      Some of our guys don’t like Playdoh… it must be a textural thing… who knows!!

      I am really glad you love my blog. I love having you as a follower!

      The summer will definitely be interesting without them, but maybe I will blog some more about them and things that we do and also about my schooling.

      I won’t ever be gone for long!

  2. HEY I want to come see The Lorax TOO! LOL
    What a wonderful thing you are doing Kari! Your out-going personality and caring for your students is amazing. Who would have ever thought that an i-Pad could give your non-verbal student a voice that can make him so happy and able to communicate! Today he can verbalize CLAY tomorrow he could be standing in front of his graduating class giving a speech!

    Keep up the good work Kari, continue to teach not just the children but all of us ADULTS that compassion and kindness does make a difference.

    ENJOY the movie!

    • Awww thanks Jeannie!! I do love what I do. Working with these kids has shown me a whole new perspective on things.

      All of my boys are doing some amazing things. I will have to give them all nicknames so that I don’t have to say “HE” all the time. LOL

      Thanks for popping in… I am stoked about the movie!


  3. Just a short note to say: Thanks for sharing, enjoy it!

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