Did you know…

….that “sugar could be the entire cause of autism”???

Ok… so now before you hit the roof, please let me explain.

The other day, I had the unfortunate experience of running over something that gave me an awesome flat tire … so there I was sitting at Discount Tires awaiting the fine gentlemen to fix the flat. I sat outside because it happened to be a gorgeous day, pulled out my book for school, and began to study.

As time passed and my back began to cramp from leaning over the book on a very uncomfortable bench, I sat the book down and decided to people watch a bit. There was an elderly gentleman wandering around … likely in the same predicament I was in. I watched him for a bit and then offered him to have a seat next to me on the bench. He happily agreed and we had the obligatory discussion about the weather.

That is when he looked down and noticed my textbook, “Learners on the Autism Spectrum”.

Him: “Autism huh?”

Me: “Yessir, I am getting my masters degree in applied behavioral analysis with an emphasis on autism.”

Him: “What do you think about this thing called autism.”

Me: “I find it incredibly fascinating and am excited at the possibilities!” (insert a big DUH here…. why else would I do it?)

Him: “You really should read up on the Gastrointestinal aspects of causes for autism.”

Me: “Oh I have read a lot of stuff on a variety of different ideas about causes and cures for autism.”

Him: “Wonder if the parents of your kids know about sugar and its affect on the GI and autism. They really should check into it…”

At this point I am starting to get frustrated and his words are becoming very similar to every adult on Charlie Brown; wah wah wah wah wah… so I smile and nod, thank him for the lovely conversation, say my goodbyes and get my keys.

Now I KNOW how you parents/caregivers/and other teachers must feel. Don’t people realize that, for the majority of families, everything has most likely been tried? Lordamercy… it is so frustrating. I would love for a cure to be found for autism. I would love for these kids to have some “normalcy” in their lives. Unfortunately, right now, there is NO cure for autism… there are just a bazillion ideas and interventions out there to help these kids lead a more normal life… a life that suits THEIR needs.

I just find it amusing that people that don’t have someone with autism in their lives become automatic “Dr. So-and-So” when they hear that you have someone in your life with autism. One part of the conversation that I left out is that I explained to him that there are many things that work for one child with autism that don’t work for another. A miracle cure for one kid will not work on another. A very sad, but true, aspect of ASD.

All we can do is continue to help these kids until there is a definite cause and cure. And that is my intention… to be there when nobody else can or will… and to not try and cure them… just help.




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6 responses to “Did you know…

  1. At least he knows what autism is…out here they don’t most of the time. Making sure people know what it is and that we need more money put toward helping find a ‘cure’ or at least more hope, has to be a solid start! I was reading your blog thinking…but Connor hates sweets, I don’t think he eats much with sugar in it at all…twisting in my head while reading your words and still thinking, what do I need to cut from his diet, haha…guess I should read before reacting next time, huh?! LOL!

    • Oh that is so very true about people not even knowing what autism is. I feel that our blogs (yours, mine, and others) can help teach people about autism and what it takes – mentally, physically, emotionally, and financially to help these kids.

      I do the same thing… knee jerk reactions to things I am reading and then find out that I should have read first!! LOL

  2. I am sure this mans intentions were good but……. To suggest this thing or the next is the particular cause without research and analysis was irresponsible at the least. I had a family member that reacted much like this gentleman and of course it was passed on to others in his age group and before you knew it they were all sure they had the answers to all medical issues. Most of these things started with some irresponsible idiot on TV or radio suggesting they had the answers then, of course, it all spread like wildfire that the cure was at hand. We were taught over the years to speak up but be responsible. It seems with age much of the leassons learned at a young age start to disappear with advancing age, how unfortuante. As for you holding your tongue and being curteous to the genetlman was the best way to respond. Hopefully some day answers will come but until then bless you and others that make a difference!

    • Thanks Jeff. He was a really sweet old man and I am sure his intentions were the best. It was just kind of an eye opener for me .. although I have heard of parents going through it, I had never experienced it.

  3. Enjoyable to read. Much more enjoyable to read than to experience, I imagine. Thanks.

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