A good learning day!

Some days are just good learning days…

And some are even better than that!

These kids continually amaze me with how intelligent they are! I really don’t doubt that these kids have intelligence, it is just that the timing has to be just right to catch those small glimpses in to their wonderful minds!

For example… there is one boy in the class that I know can count. He has shown me this on numerous occasions and he is quite good at it.  Usually, this comes with prompting and a lot of patience 🙂 Today however, this child showed me something different.

What did this cool kid do?

We have a program that we use called Vizzle (our school got a grant for this program and it is amazing). This program allows us to do curriculum… such as math, reading, and sentences… in a game like fashion. More fun for all of us if I do say so myself. Anyyyyway…. today, I was working with this student on counting hearts. Vizzle displays a picture of a certain amount of hearts, and then underneath that picture is 3 choices to pick from for the correct answer. On a normal day, with this particular student, I will point at each heart and have him count with me to find the correct answer. Today however, he did 9 out of 10 completely ON HIS OWN!! Each correct answer without prompt was rewarded with a skittle and me going ape-shit (pardon the french) over how good he was doing! He was clapping and laughing and knew that he was so smart!

This is why I do what I do. There are moments of hardship and moments of miraculous growth. And… trust me… the moments of growth completely outweigh those moments of hardship.

I still feel so incredibly blessed that I get to work with these guys. They show me so many wonderful things.




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2 responses to “A good learning day!

  1. Woohoo! I love the ‘learning days!’ How old are the kids you are working with? I’m loving your blogs, really look forward to reading them!

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