SEE it, TOUCH it, SAY it, DO it!

The teacher in my classroom, Mara (a BCBA – Board Certified Behavior Analyst), is an amazing woman who shares her knowledge freely with the aides in the class. It has made our classroom dynamic run like a well oiled machine. We are all well choreographed and dance around each other like we have done it all our lives (when in reality we have all only worked together a few months).

One of the things that she has taught us is the See it, Touch it, Say it, Do it model. – I am going to shorten this to STSD for ease of writing – cuz that is how I roll.

A lot of kids with Autism have a hard time with focusing in on specifics and understanding personalization. Or, even more specific, they lack the ability to communicate things.

Repetition is crucial for these kids. They may understand something right away, or they may need coached on something a few hundred times before they understand.

This is how STSD works….

  • SEE IT – This is a skittle Kari. You eat skittles – See the skittle?
  • TOUCH IT – Touch the skittle Kari. This is a skittle, can you touch it?
  • SAY IT – This is a skittle Kari, Can you say skittle? We eat skittles, can you say we eat skittles?
  • DO IT – Say skittle Kari. We eat skittles! You get to eat the skittle!

This is a video clip of ABA  and STSD in action – This is just a Youtube video that I found. This is not anyone I know!

I used skittles in my example because we love them in our classroom! Rewards are always a good way to teach. It is the principle of ABA. STSD will work with anything. A chair, a pencil, a math problem, a word… etc.

I hope you have enjoyed this… try it… you’ll like it!




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2 responses to “SEE it, TOUCH it, SAY it, DO it!

  1. Wendy Boyce

    awww…I like very much! I would give up my house to hear my Grandson just say “I’m”! I don’t think my husband will like knowing I said that, but for me it’s very true! He will say drink, thirsty, eat and sometimes name the items but he won’t say “I’m thirsty!” I have been trying to get him to say it for quite awhile. I love the cards out in front and the questions…and can see it has worked for this child so just have to try it myself now! I am unsure of an award though, this child gags, literally at the visual of sweets. He despises cake, cookies, candy of all kinds and positively will get sick if you put it out for him to eat. Maybe we will try corn chips, for some reason he LOVES those! Oh, we just discovered he knows the alphabet. If you type up the letters he can name them, even out of order…to just trick him my daughter tossed in the number 9 and he rolled his eyes as if to say, ‘you nut, that is not a letter,’ and responded NINE! The kid is smart, he just can’t communicate back all that IS going in. I must admit, I am in love with him, intrigued with autism and even your name here ‘justanotherpieceofthepuzzle’…is calling out to me night and day. THANK YOU for sharing. You have been my inspiration and my teacher. So happy to have discovered you on here!

    • Thanks Wendy!! Utilizing this type of therapy will show you great things. Sounds like your little man is brilliant!! The reward doesn’t have to be skittles, or even food… you can use anything he loves very much as a motivator!

      You made me feel so good with your kind words. Thank you so very much. I am excited to have a career that I love working with the kids that I love!

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