When someone says these words to us, it usually puts us on guard.

One thing that I have learned from being an aide in a classroom for kids with Autism (from an amazing BCBA) is that it is best to try to avoid those negative words to the best of our ability. If a child is in danger, then of course those would be the first words chosen.

I have seen, first hand, how changing our vocabulary from what we don’t want a child doing… TO what we want them to do, has a better outcome most every time.

For example:

Instead of saying “Stop running through the classroom”, say “I would like for you to come sit down.” using gentle redirection with the words.

Instead of saying “Don’t touch that”, say “Please put your hands down”, or “here so and so, take this”.

Instead of saying “No you can’t have that”, say “First we do this, then you can have that”, or “you can have that at _________(insert time)”.

These are things we can use with kids with Autism or NT kids. We all prefer a good redirection over an ass chewing any day!





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2 responses to “NO!

  1. Wendy Boyce

    Thanks! Loved the post. Just learning to work with my Grandson, not diagnosed with autism as of yet, he is going in Feb. for testing. He is ‘diagnosed’ learning disabled. “Odd wording to me!” He is slower than an average 4 year old. I don’t know why yet…but I am spending more and more time with him and watching what works best. I hardly ever say no, he gets more angry and upset when he hears it. I change what we are involved in frequently but of course, there are times that NO is the one and only word that works. I recently had him watching Sid The Science Kid, he adores the show. Stupid show taught him to jump on the bed. BAD SID! LOL He now insists on jumping on my bed everytime he is over. WAY off the ground and surrounded in wood, it’s just not safe. I keep leaving the house to prevent a fight! haha. I appreciate all learning from those who have more experiences than I do! I could not love a child more than I love this boy! PS if anybody has a small child size trampoline for cheap and lives near Murphy NC let me know!

    • Hi Wendy! Thanks for commenting! There is definitely a time for NO!! Sounds like you can redirect your grandson pretty well and that is what he needs until he understands that jumping on the bed is not safe. I wish you well in finding a small trampoline, that is an excellent idea!!

      Stop by anytime!!

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