Goosebump kind of day!!

Working with kids with Autism causes a lot of goosebump moments. Today was a goosebump on your goosebump kind of day!

As I mentioned in this post, one of the kids in my class is learning how to use a speech/speaking program called Proloquo2Go. He is non-verbal, so we have been working with him daily to teach him how to speak with this program. He has made some good progress touching “yes” when appropriate, “no”, “I’m done”, “I need a break”, “Ready to work”, and a few other things when we prompt him. These are all baby steps and it is wonderful to see him take those.

Today however, this beautiful child, UNPROMPTED, SAID (using his iPad) – “I want, to eat, snack, fruit rollup”!!!! 

Now, to better understand the magnitude of this feat, you need to understand Proloquo.

Each set of words that he said are like folders in a computer. “I want” is a folder, “to eat” is a selection in the “I want”  folder, “snack” is selection in the  “to eat” folder, and “fruit rollup” is a selection in the “snack” folder. This child had to know where to select each item from each folder and he FLIPPIN DID IT ON HIS OWN!!!

We went ape-shit!! We praised him.. rewarded him with tons of praise, high-fives, and the fruit rollup! You should have seen his smiles. He actually got up from the table and ran around happy, smiling, and thrilled with himself. He must have felt so proud that he was able to SPEAK! To let us know what he wanted!

Skip ahead to later in the day…

This beautiful child … once again… SAID… “I want, to eat, snack, Christmas Goodies”once again.. UNPROMPTED!!!!

I am so excited for him! I am so proud of him!! I am so proud of us!!

Goosebumps on my goosebumps!!

Now I am going to chillax and gloat…




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6 responses to “Goosebump kind of day!!

  1. That is fricking awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Kudos to him!!!!!! Pat on the back to his awesome teachers!!!!!

  2. Cat

    fantastic!!! Proud of you all!!

    • Thanks Cat! I am beyond thrilled!

      • Wendy Boyce

        I want an ipad to work with my Grandson on. I have an HPTablet and they really do not have ANY apps like the Ipad! Thanks for sharing this one. Speaking is for sure one I am working on now and by the way where do you live? I think we NEED YOU to be the teacher for our boy! Great work!

  3. The iPad is a great tool! We love it in our classroom. I live in Colorado. I am honored at your compliment. Feel free to email me if you want to.

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