Big Smiles

Yesterday was our last day at school before Christmas Break.

We had a blast!!

The school had a “Social” which is basically the gym full of fun carnival style games that the kids can play and the cafeteria is turned in to a giant dance floor with a DJ!! For a child with Autism, this can be either a sensory overload, or tons of fun! One of our kids doesn’t like the gym and another doesn’t like the cafeteria – something that can be easily worked around.

S0, for the first few minutes, another aide and I took the 3 that will go into the gym inside, while the 4th kid went to the cafeteria with the teacher. It was so cool to see them take in all the sights, sounds, and smells as we wandered around and played a few of the games – even if they didn’t win.

After a while, I took the other two to the cafeteria, while the one that doesn’t like the cafeteria hung out with an aide in the gym. This was THE best part!

Our kids were dancing!! Dancing like no one was watching! Dancing like no one cared! It was incredible!! Arms and legs flailing around, jumping, laughing, smiling!

I often wonder how they are feeling at those moments. I wonder what they are thinking. I wonder if they feel free and happy. They sure seem like they are. They may not hold a beat perfectly, they may not know the songs, but they were flying with happiness yesterday. It was awesome being a part of that moment.

I have 2 weeks off work before I get to hang with them again. I can’t wait for more life moments like this one!





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2 responses to “Big Smiles

  1. I don’t know why, but watching a child with autism smile and dance just warms my heart!

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