Always Unique Totally Interesting Sometimes Mysterious

Well if that isn’t the truth.

  • Always Unique – I have heard it said that if you meet a child with Autism, you have met ONE child with Autism. Because Autism is a spectrum disorder, each child is completely different. Although they may display some of the same behaviors, they are completely unique.
  • Totally Interesting – Each of the kids I work with are very interesting indeed! Each of them make me smile, laugh, cringe, cuss (under my breath of course), and entertain me!
  • Sometimes Mysterious – I catch myself wondering what in the world these kids are thinking. At night… when I am lying in bed, I often catch myself smiling at the thought of these kids and what they must think of us!

I wish, at times, that I could be more specific when talking about these kids. I have so many wonderful stories about each of them, but privacy keeps my lips sealed. Just know… that they are my heart and soul… they are a good reason to get up in the morning … and I will do everything I can to make their journey with Autism a little easier.






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7 responses to “Always Unique Totally Interesting Sometimes Mysterious

  1. S

    I use that saying all the time! I always have people assume that my child is brilliant at math or some form of music or that he will be cured with a special diet. As a parent, it is heartwarming to know you care so much for the kids you work with. I think the teacher and aides spend more time with our kids than we do! Love the blog!!

  2. A lot of people relate Autism to “Rainman”. I guess that is why they assume that people with Autism ALL have some special gift. In a way, all of them do, but it is finding it that is the trick. They may be able to spot a missing letter from the alphabet in an instant, but are non-verbal, so you would never know.

    We definitely spend a lot of independent time with your kids, but nothing takes the place of the parent.

  3. Kari –
    Your students and their families are a lucky group


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  5. Robin A

    Hi, I have twins with Autism and just LOVE this saying!!! If I want to use this saying on something is there a trademark/ license agreement that anyone knows of?

    • I have not seen a trademark or license, so as long as you don’t credit yourself with it, then it should be okay to use… but you may want to check the legalities.

      Thanks for popping in.. feel free to join us anytime!

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