We love Friday’s!

Academics in the morning and a movie in the afternoon. The kids were great today.

It is nice when they are all on a good day cycle. We have bouts of days where it seems they are all off, all on, or somewhere in between.

Today I was thinking that average people have our on days and off days, we just express it differently. There are some days where I wish I could stomp and scream, but society has taught me that it is not okay.

We are there to help assist these kids with learning to deal with their emotions differently.. hell, to RECOGNIZE their emotions.

  • I’m MAD
  • I’m HAPPY
  • I’m SAD

Sometimes, even as average people, we have a hard time recognizing exactly what emotion we are feeling at any given moment.

Another week in the books. Only 7 more working days until Christmas break… I will be happy to be off work for the first couple of days… then I will miss them and want to go back.

Happy Friday!



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