Field Trips!


Our class goes on Field Trips!!

We try for this once a week. We get to go to all kinds of places and the kids get to experience life outside the four walls of the classroom. Taking these kids out in to the real world serves a couple of purposes.

  1. It teaches the kids that public places aren’t always scary and that they can have a great time doing something different from the strict schedules of school/home/life.
  2. It teaches the WORLD that there is a thing called Autism and that the kids that have Autism can enjoy a “normal” life too!

Number two is probably the most difficult. The kids are easily managed, but the public is a whole different issue. I often wonder why people are so afraid of difference. I do understand that they DON’T understand and that is what makes them afraid.

I see why some parents are more apt to keep their kids protected in the safety of their home instead of dealing with stares and comments from complete strangers. It is aggravating for sure. However, if we keep these kids locked up in little safe zones, then they can never fully blossom.

We all want our children to succeed. We want their lives to be better than ours. With kids with Autism, we want the same… why wouldn’t we? I am not dumb to the fact that these kids may never be doctors or lawyers, but they CAN be productive members of society.

  • Order food from a restaurant – (using speaking tools if they are non-verbal).
  • Shop at a grocery store.
  • Enjoy a movie.
  • Paint pottery
  • Work at jobs that are suited for them based on skill sets that are being taught in and out of the classroom.

If one person that saw us out and about today realized this, then we have met a part of the goal. It only takes a few people at a time to make the change.

We can and will make a difference.




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  1. A

    Field trips are a wonderful way to allow our kids to feel safe in the community. I am a parent who shelters my son and does not take him in public much….not because I’m embarresed by him but because of others reactions to him. Great post!

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